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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Considering we KDF faction players know from the PT2409 we where at odds with the remnants of the RSE and the federation because of raids to reclaim old systems, I had hoped for a tie under that same storyline.
It would work with the Sto backstory and be a different way of playing.

Instead Im KDF redcross and habitat for Romulanity.
At least in part I didn't actually understand that particular part of The Path to 2409.

2382: "The Klingon Empire takes advantage of the weak position of the Romulans to stage lightning strikes into Romulan space, retaking Khitomer
and the sector surrounding it. The Federation Council criticizes the move, but Ambassador K?mtok responds that the empire is simply
reclaiming territory that belonged to the Klingons by right."

UMMM...based on what we know from TNG, the ROmulans never conquered Khitomer.
They went in, blew s**t up and left.
Otherwise it makes no sense that the Romulans would allow a Starfleet ship to approach Khitomer and conduct a search for survivors IN THE MIDDLE OF AN OCCUPATION.