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Okay, in Infected Ground there is a part where you need to coordinate with two other people activate consoles at approximately the right time to bring down generator shields so you can upload a virus. Do this simple task four times in the relatively long amount of time it takes between activating the first one and activating the last and you can advance to the last boss.

Unfortunately, it seems like four times in five my group doesn't know how to coordinate this and I either get someone blessed with so much ADD that he can't keep himself from activating the console while the rest of us are still killing mobs or three people who simply do not understand the mechanic. Attempts to explain in chat are met with silence and by the time mobs are respawning for the third time people are dropping group, sometimes with an apology in broken English that explains clearly why nobody was responding to me in chat.

Cryptic, your game appeals to a large number of different nations and cultures, your game appeals to a large number of age groups, and your game appeals to a large number of arcade players who seem to think an STF is a solo-mission where if all they do is shoot folks it'll come out all right And I'm happy to work with those people, but since I can't communicate with them, please remove the need for synchronicity in Infected Ground (normal).