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03-20-2013, 04:42 AM
*Folds hands*

It seems we have the ability but not the means. If we posses ships strong enough to displace our enemies then I find it vexing we do not use them. But knowing Starcommand from my limited time with them I do not think they believe heavily armed ships are necessary to field... even in times of war. More red tape and Bureaucracy. when I brought it up before I was told I should not rest on my laurels to gain revenge. Ones pride should not be what decides the lives of others, only your own. So in this perspective as in many many many others... Star Command is wrong.

Opting instead to lose a few million lives in the process rather then lose a bit of face by simply stating our prime directive now adds defense and repulsion of hostile agents and governments. Isn't this what our enemies believe anyhow?

I just find our thinking vexing and backwards. If we have the tools and the means they should be used to the fullest without delay. I have never been in the business of watching my crew die over a few morals. I am certain many if not all of us have turned our phasers from stun to kill... specially when facing the Borg... and the Breen. The only thing worse then a space flesh pimp in the culture that lets them subjugate them.

No wonder all the Engineers are fleeing the Corps and taking up the mantel as captains. SCE is useless. I know we were supposed to have ousted the undine infiltrators but this is puzzling...

So for now I would perhaps propose we forget starcommand even exist and use this meeting to equip the upcoming best and brightest with the knowledge and know how to have a chance. It is not as if schematics alone will make a great captain, but at least you will have the tools. After that it's the captains skill, know how, and instinct that has to lead them to victory.

In this venue I am all but certain I will take a back seat since I came to observe and to learn more about cruiser and cruiser warfare for as far as I am concerned these ships are relegated to minivans for soccer moms more then flag ships... and frieghters for porting trade goods than soldiers. I pray that I am wrong.

SO if the Odyssey is out... then what ship can we rely on? PErhaps the dreadnaught? Or can we simply refit ships with better technology?

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