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My Engineer character's Fleet Support Cruiser PvE build:


Experimental Plasma Beam Array
Fleet Advanced Plasma Beam Array x2 [ACC] [DMGx3]
Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher

Fleet Advanced Plasma Beam Array x2 [ACC] [DMGx3]
Borg Cutting Beam
Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher

Adapted MACO Mk XII Set


Very Rare Neutronium Alloy Mk XI
Assimilated Console
Zero Point Energy Conduit
Tachyo-Kinetic Converter

3 x Romulan Emitter Array Mk XII [-Threat] [Plasma Damage]

3 x Very Rare Plasma Infuser Mk XII

Subspace Field Modulator
Jevonite Hardpoints
Deuterium Surplus
Weapons Battery

Bridge Officers

EPTW 1, EPTS 2, ET 3, ATS 3

PH 1, HE 2, TSS 3

(Both Sci and Eng are human with Leadership trait.)

TT 1
BO 1, THY 2

(All three Tac are Romulan with Romulan Operative Trait)

Total crit chance: 13.9%

- Warp Core Engineer [Chance to boost all power levels with emergency power to subsystem]
- Energy Weapons Officer [Chance to reduce beam special attack cooldown]
- Projectile Weapons Officer [Chance to reduce torpedo cooldown]
- Conn Officer [Reduces tactical team cooldown]
- Anti-Borg/Anti-Tholian Space Warfare Specialist
- Or, Damage Control Engineer [Chance to reduce Emergency power to subsystem cooldown]

Energy Levels
Weapons: 100/125
Shields: 25/52
Engines: 25/52
Aux: 50/83

Reputation Bonuses
- Precision [Increases Critical Hit Chance by 3% in space combat].
- Sensor Targeting Assault [5% Chance to Placate for 6 seconds on a critical hit].
- Omega Weapon Training [+30 to starship weapon training].
- Omega Graviton Amplifier [2.5% chance for each weapon to deal kinetic damage that ignores shields]

I consider this superior to the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser due to the much increased crit chance that comes with the three Romulan tactical boffs as opposed to the single tactical boff for the Fleet Excelsior. The tradeoff is a loss of roughly 40 damage per plasma beam per hit. Critical chance means 1 in 7 hits will crit. Damage often reaches the 1400 range per beam weapon with APB active, not counting the frequent criticals which usually hit for at least 2200. Mask Energy field from Adapted MACO set keeps hyper-plasma torpedoes from being shot down and provides defense and stealth bonus for other players in teams. All the aux-fueled heals makes my tank unbreakable by npcs up to the red alert unimatrix ships. Also lets me work as a good healboat for teammates.

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