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03-20-2013, 05:41 AM
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The issues still persist. Able to log in fine, sector space loads quick...until about 57%..then it creeps by for a few minutes and when it finally loads, I'm unable to move in sector space, missing UI elements (ie: stuff's missing from my power bar, doff text isn't displaying, transwarp doesn't work, etc). I've tried everything I know to try...has anyone else had this issue and/or know of another fix I could try?
every time you load a map, game is autopatching some files, you can speed load times by disabling on demand patching in launcher.

first time you launch game it might start download large amount of data, and when patching to new version downloads will be slightly larger, but game no longer download files while zoning, and load should be no longer then 10-15 sec.

as for rest, if you didnt, you can try run game as Administrator.

EDIt: also try disable your antivirus software