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03-20-2013, 05:43 AM
one thing to remember about the USS Typhon is that its boxy design is due to it being a Mobile Carrier Fortress. Purposely built for carrier operations but still having the full complement of scientific and medical equipment all other fed exploration ships have, but is would have a higher defensive capability due to its "Fortress" role.

It has hanger bays and the associated engineering staff that would require and the ability to manufacture parts for repairing the craft, and that requires a lot of matter storage and storage for actual parts if the replicators go down.

Each fighter craft (26 in total) would have a dedicated flight crew and servicing crew. I'm unsure of the number of pilots per "Shuttle" but i will go with 2 per shuttle. then there's the "Ground" crew: a crew chief and a helper dedicated to the crafts. then there's the specialists that can service many ships. so the crew size required is pretty close to a "Standard ship"

so in short the boxiness is probably due to the hanger requirements and its up-armored status.

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