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03-20-2013, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by aebiohazard View Post
Does any one know if a recent upgrade in hardware and software could cause this dilithium reset bug ?

Before this happened I did a recent upgrade to get the last life out of my old CPU, I upgraded my Motherboard, Memory and Graphics Card, also I changed operating system from 32Bit Vista to 64Bit Win 7. This is about the time my dilithium began resetting on 48hrs rather than the daily 24hrs, since then I have uninstalled and reinstalled fresh copies of STO but the problem of the dilithium reset persists.

Note my upgrades:
MBoard: Foxconn N15235 to Gigabyte G41M Combo DDR 3
GCard: Foxconn 512mb Nvidia GT960 to Gigabyte 2gb Nvidia GT630 (DDR 3)
Mem: Unknown Name 4gb DDR 2 to Kingstone 8gb DDR 3
OS: Windows Vista 32Bit to Windows 7 64Bit
its probably not the case, but check your time and timezone settings in your win.
if game somehow uses your local time to calculate when reset is it might couse a problem ... but them if game do that some exploits come in mind xD

and if you can .. for couple of days ... try refine your dilitium somewhere middle of reset time, not just after or before it, its not like its linked with cooldown timer or something, its just 8k per day.