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03-20-2013, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
Sorry. I cannot get into another cryptic game.
End game Repeatable content.
Another "sorry your class is only 1% of te game because it is broken so we won't support it because nobody plays it"
One story mission a year
Ignoring veteran players
The "we don't want to communicate our plans because they might change" attitude. Tell us the plans and tell us when the plans change and why.

It isn't the perks, it is the lack of communicated vision about the game that is preventing my investment.
Cryptic has become way to tight lipped.

Also, what is a kdf player going to do with an Andorran ship?
And what if the countdown is about announcing the Romulan faction. As Kirk would say, "What does a Romulan need with an Andorian ship?"

Again if he only waited 12 more days for this announcement and it would have been an epic April Fool's joke. But since he's serious -- SMH

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