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03-20-2013, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by eraserfish View Post
I can resist the JHAS on both of my primary cruiser builds to varying degrees but as usual, I have problems actually dealing damage back to it.
cruisers and sci ships are not intended to be attack ship, so it's hard to destroy a jhas... However is not so hard to resist (cruisers and sci ships) if you have a good pvp build.

In fact, I've seen a JHAS handle an entire team's worth of firepower for up to two minutes, which is more than most cruisers can actually handle. In the tally screen at the end of particularly short games involving a JHAS, sometimes I notice it saying that the player piloting a JHAS has healed 0 damage, which effectively means that it has taken no serious damage at all.
well since I have also a tact toon on a jhas, I can tell you are right... sometime I can handle several players... however only because they do not collaborate or have bad build.

Everything goes to hell if two JHAS show up in a game. Regardless of which side I am on, I become completely irrelevant. I can't do enough to protect any one of my teammates against two JHAS hanging on their tail, and I can't survive for more than a minute against them. It's not much better if they're on my side, since my heals and buffs then become completely irrelevant. I dread to think what would happen if I ever show up in a game where there are three JHAS.

well, we can tell the same when in a team there are several healers... My JHAS goes to heal if I am alone against 2 decent cruisers.