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Would you prefer which of the following preferentially respectively

A: An all rules crazy town "white items" no doffs, all noobs equal playing field tournament. No cstore/p2w/fleet items/ rep. Even possibly poor noobs could have their items paid for, would cost what 500k to equip 1 toon?

B: A no rules crazy town tournament with everything allowed no holds barred. Only those with max kits, rep, all p2w items uni consoles cstore unlocks special editions fleet bonuses and doffcrits apply. poor noobs, too bad!

c: A tournament where the rules are decided by "everyone" who chooses to voice an opinion. A democratic rules proposal and acceptance system via voting could determine rules that concensus would agree to for the duration of the tournament. (most common attempt)

D: A Nazi style tournament run by a biased fleet, that subsequently chooses/pushes for ruleset to favor their style of play.

E. A fun, awesome, party style tournament run by someone everyone loves (me). With rules i will unbiasedly consider but ultimately determine from my years of personal experience in game, and dealing with hundreds of players "qq". (or someone cool like me, ie :jorf tournament)

F. 1v1, 10v10, 2v2, or other unusual match size tournaments/ league play. (much more long term player effort involved on all sides)

id prefer E, F, C, A, B, D in that order.

ps. Id play in type D tourneys! make the worst ruleset u can think of!
In truth, Mini, I am in favor of E. Ideally, we could come up with a set of rules that all would agree on (D, the democratic system). The problem is that these committees--some of which I have served on--take up a massive amount of time that could be spent pewing, grinding, practing, etc. At the end of the day, the question of "fairness" in PvP is an ethical Gordian Knot, some of the complexity of which can only be addressed on the development end.

So let's follow Alexander's example: Don't try to untie the knot, just cut it. Fast and efficient. In other words, I would be inclined to just have Mini (or someone else) make up rules--trusting they would be somewhat fair (he is a good guy after all)--and playing according to those rules. If some folks don't want to participate, then they don't need to. I don't think anyone--not even Mini!=)--will ever be able to consider these rules in an unbiased manner (there is no Archimedean point from which to view PvP, after all), but I do think rules can be made in a way that considers many viewpoints.

The result of the "Gordian Approach" is a minimum amount of time spent in committee and a maximum amount of time spent pewing. And as my buddy Pheo once said, "Pew is life." So let's follow Alexander and Pheo and get on with pewing.

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