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03-20-2013, 08:17 AM
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Do you know what?

I think its cheaper to buy an offline game. If game companies like Cryptic/Perfect World and EA/BioWare keep selling extremely over expensive content, the only solution for me is to go back to single-player and offline games.

$200 could buy ten slightly aged games from Best Buy.

Why in god's name would I want to burn $200 for twenty five tiny digital items?

No way is that going to happen. Zero.

*looks at the other packs on the page*


$59.99 can buy you a new recently released game.

$14.99-$19.99 can buy you a slightly aged game.

You can get the Survival Edition of Tomb Raider for 59 on Steam. Normal version for 49.

I think Steam has Skyrim for 40 right now PC version.

And you can get those aged games even cheaper.

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