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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I'm sorry but I think you have clearly missed the design intent apparent in Cruisers and Sci ships.

They are very much designed with role intents.
Really now? Explain the following please.

1) Majority of heals being Ensign level
2) Every ship having the same EHP from base
3) Lack of hyper specialization

And boff abilities? HA!

All 3 types have the following: Offensive, Defensive, CC, cleanses, etc, etc. If there is a design intent for roles it is the absolute worst I have ever seen.

Do you realize that when pushed to the absolute min/max limit escorts have the best damage mitigation/avoidance numbers in the game? They are the tanks if you push trinity.

And for weapon damage output? All weapon damage is based on a simple formula where the firing arc determines the damage. The only reason why beams are so sucktastic is because of the penalty the current (note not original) weapon power drain mechanics apply to them.

They can push the trinity all they want, until they either redesign 90% of the game systems and mechanics it will continue to fail. Encounter design is not the answer either (beyond Starbase Blockade style) as when you do push things to such limits you both alienate a large portion of your playerbase and still fail as the escort is the best tank. Higher avoidance, same exact mitigation, makes it the most efficient choice for spending any form of 'healing resource' on. And no the amusing armor slot will not change that either.
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