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03-20-2013, 08:24 AM
This deal is obviously designed to suck new Neverwinter players into STO, not the other way around.

No STO Player with even just a few Weeks Playtime will take a look at Neverwinter because of a lousy *starter pack* and a worthless Tier 3 Ship.

The Neverwinter Players that might come here to play STO because of their FREE SHIP!...
"hey i got that free ANDORIAN SHIP lets start an ANDORIAN character in STO!"...

they will only notice that they are supposed to drop $50 for the actual real Andorian Ship and that will more likely result in an uninstalled STO client than in a C-Store sale.

-> NOT a good deal for STO players that might be interested in Neverwinter
-> BAD deal for Neverwinter players that might get sucked into STO because of this...

come on, at least give them ONE Ship from the Tier 5 3-Pack.... if they like the game then they are still going to want the other 2 Variants for the Visuals and Consoles and that will still be $50

That would at least be much less likely to piss off your Neverwinter customers risking a look in STO because of THIS deal.