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03-20-2013, 07:43 AM
::Hypothetically speaking::

If the whole game was being sold for $20 to $60, without it going to Free to Play, I would have no problem with paying for a copy. No problem. Since these prices are for a tiny amount of individual items, the worth of them are way overstated. As a result of moving towards 'aesthetic value', the pricing dynamic becomes a different ballgame. We moved away from buying games, and into the realm of buying 'art'.

Art history has taught me three things important things: (1) the most successful artists are drunks, alcoholics, or schizophrenics, (2) the price of a piece of artwork only goes up when the artist passes away, and (3) critics are a dime a dozen.

What have these artists contributed to their craft? Did they discover a new painting style? Did they discover a new calligraphy style? Did they discover a new mouse movement? Did they discover or trigger off a new art movement?

Unless they have contributed heavily to the arts, I do not see how their pieces are worth more than a grain of sand.

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