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03-20-2013, 08:59 AM
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::Hypothetically speaking::

If the whole game was being sold for $20 to $60, without it going to Free to Play, I would have no problem with paying for a copy. No problem. Since these prices are for a tiny amount of individual items, the worth of them are way overstated. As a result of moving towards 'aesthetic value', the pricing dynamic becomes a different ballgame. We moved away from buying games, and into the realm of buying 'art'.

Art history has taught me three things important things: (1) the most successful artists are drunks, alcoholics, or schizophrenics, (2) the price of a piece of artwork only goes up when the artist passes away, and (3) critics are a dime a dozen.

What have these artists contributed to their craft? Did they discover a new painting style? Did they discover a new calligraphy style? Did they discover a new mouse movement?

Unless they have contributed heavily to the arts, I do not see how their pieces are worth more than a grain of sand.
We are not paying for ART...
and the ARTIST is not even valued enough inside the company to get a fair percentage of the profits but just like any other john smith working for Walmart is paid a monthly fee.

We are paying for "services provided"... not for "Art".
We do not own the art either, as soon as the service is discontinued, all the art is gone with it.