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03-20-2013, 08:03 AM
Role-based party system works fine for dungeon crawling games. We dont have that here. We have an open space game with casual parties. When you do the SP episodes, there is no NPC partying. When you do the MP pugs, there is no coordinated partying ("one healer slot open"). Ergo, party-based balance is COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for this game.

What would be appropriate, is to use classes that are balanced to themselves. Think of, traditional COD, for example. You have an SMG that can sprint around (great for objective maps like capture the flag), a heavy MG that can lock down an approach, a sniper, etc. They are all capable of doing damage in different ways. This would work soo much better in the classless game environment we have now.

Anything you can do in private parties with trinity can be done with balanced classes too. You can have a tank and a healer, when you want them, without breaking the rest of the game.

edit--Trinity is not canon either. TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, were all about one ship making its way, not about "where's my healer"

Trinity is wrong for this game. Period. It should be excised, from the space combat anyway.

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