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03-20-2013, 08:07 AM
I just updated my post with a few more lines and pretty much overhauled all the previous ones so that it flowed better and had a few more details. However, I may have complicated matters by creating too many complex sentences. If you spot a few glaring ones, could you point it out to me? Thank you very much!

Ran out of time now and hopefully I actually get to the end of what I planned. Writing something set in late 2409 (Season 2) when I wasn't in the game during the time is kinda difficult, but at least there's a lot of threads to dig out what the past was like, and which missions were available.

By the time I'm done, I'm calling this chapter "Prized Possessions & Saying Hello & Perplexing Complexities", maybe it might inspire Kirayamato further. ^^;
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.