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03-20-2013, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
cruisers and sci ships are not intended to be attack ship, so it's hard to destroy a jhas... However is not so hard to resist (cruisers and sci ships) if you have a good pvp build.

well since I have also a tact toon on a jhas, I can tell you are right... sometime I can handle several players... however only because they do not collaborate or have bad build.

well, we can tell the same when in a team there are several healers... My JHAS goes to heal if I am alone against 2 decent cruisers.
The way things are now, cruisers and sci ships aren't intended to attack anything...

I've said this before, but I must re-emphasize that it's easy to build a cruiser that can tank a ton of damage. The problem is in building it to be useful in a fight, and getting a cruiser to do damage is very, very difficult.

If you draw two or more opponents on to you, you are effectively accomplishing the same role that the cruiser is supposed to accomplish, and an JHAS has about roughly the same chance of survival. In some respects, the JHAS can be built as a far better tank than most cruisers because it is both hard to kill and highly deadly.