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It is that fool of a chancellor on Qo'nos that sends it's warriors to do a diplomat's job! I just do not understand him. He invades my home world, alienates a staunch ally, and then turns around and plays niceties with the Romulan dissidents. I, General Slaas, know the real value on New Romulus. Let the Federation have the Romulans. We do not need their treachery in our ranks. Our goal is the Remans. They are true warriors. They excelled in the Dominion War where the Romulans failed. They built a warship is secrecy that single-handedly defeated the Romulan Navy* and claimed control of the Empire. They are the true prize of our mission there.

J'mpok's recent decisions is the reason that we Gorn will once again rise up and reclaim our ancestral territories from both the Federation and Klingon Empire!!

*I know the Remans had the backing of the Romulan Fleet but, I am playing in character.
+100 for this^^^^^^^

Well, for my Gorn self anyway.

My Klingon self disagrees. Partially. My Orion self just wants the loot, slaves, and decadence.

The Romulans problems come from their xenophobic treatment of the Remans. If they had stabbed each other and their subjects in the back less Sela would never have had influence.
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