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03-20-2013, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by the1tigglet View Post
First, this is a different dev team in NWO. Second, the beta is highly stable, much more stable then the 3 yo STO. And finally, more perks is great, it means that those of us who do enjoy the games will get extras so it's not harmful at all.
I played both in beta. Nw isn't bad. But the problem isn't with the game (the only issue I have with the game is the ui).
The problem I have is with how the company has changed.

No communication. If communicating bites them lack of communication is worse.
Fluff over story content. Fluff makes them money so how can they justify doing story content?
"Oh that is broken and nobody plays it? Well let's ignore it because it isn't worth our time because nobody plays it".

There is just no way I can invest in that