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03-20-2013, 09:08 AM
maybe that happens because the radiation that plasma torpedos triggers is the same as plasma beams, eject warp plasma and plasma torpedos, it makes kinda sense those things are boosted from several things but the tooltips doesnt explain a thing, anyway its a confused system but it is complement to the plasma beams and torpedos that are weaker than the others because of set shields bringing plasma resistances

eject warp plasma shouldn't be only boosted by particle generators, coz thats an expensive science skill that not every one wants to fill at the cost of boosting 1 skill only

great post, it really clearifies some doughts, thanks

but in my opinion it is good the way it is boosting the dot proc, and the way 2 pieces of romulan harness and romulan consoles are boosting plasma beams, complementing what romulan are all about, plasma

it should be like this :
EWP - boosted by PRTG, plasma infuser, romulan consoles and 2pc romulan harness
Infusers - plasma beams and plasma dot from beams
Ambis - plasma torpedos and plasma torpedo dots
Rom [Pla] - all plasma damage
2pc Harness - all plasma damage

this way, the romulan consoles and the 2 pieces harness would complement any plasma type damage you have, working only as a complement, not as a thing that boosts one proc, one skill, a dot or another
so it should work the way you said, but plasma kinetic included, because the plasma resistance in shields also resists plasma torpedos

but this is a big theme to discuss about, this is only my opinion, but still, thanks for bringing it to the community, it is a good spot to focus in
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