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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
Aggro is generated as an accumulating number, on the primary target first, then the other members of the spawn. Once aggro is gained it increases as a generated number that increases as damage is done. That is why threat mechanics work to reduce the aggro number or score towards 0 or upwards to infinity depending on role. STO, other than placates, doesn't seem to have a threat lowering role mechanic, only a threat increase mechanic. Once that spawn knows you are a threat they stay that way until someone else gets that aggro, steals it by out scoring you on threat, or you leave the spawn alone and it resets.

This is why high DPS and spike damage can cause escorts to steal aggro from a designated tank. IMO, its this poor mechanic that is the cause of much of the escort cruiser angst. But that is another subject.
Actually the reason why the tank loses the aggro to the escort is because the hate is not instant but 'delivered' through weapons fire.

Escort doing 50k damage = 10 points of hate (just to use a fictional number to illustrate)
Tank doing 20k damage = 2 points of damage
Tank with threat 9 doing 20k damage = 50 points of hate.

My VoQuv is a great working example of both threat control 9 and non-threat control 9. I recently respeced out of threat control 9 and shoved the points into pure damage output.

Threat control 9 voquv was full beam arrays with dual feedback pulse and dual shield repair drones (along with every other shield& hull heal/resist ability there is). It had atk ptrn delta with the doff for aggro (came later on but the build works without him).

Non- threat control 9 voquv is pure torpedo plasma bomber. hyper plasma, omega, rom. exp. beam array and dual elite scorps. grav well 3. It does insane damage.

The differences hate-wise:

Theat control voquv could hit the ISE spheres+tac cube with FAW, slam RSVP+tac team and feedback pulse. All targets just focused their attacks on me. Escorts could literally park themselves in space and go bananas .. I still held hate. The trick was to keep AOE fire and feedback pulse so I kept hitting them. Threat control 9 exponentially increased the hate generation those weapons did.

Now, even when my FAW and feedback was on cooldown, they all kept hate on me.. even though the damage the beam arrays and feedback did was minimal compared to the massive blobs of damage being tossed at them by the multiple escorts doing cannon volley spread with all buffs to damage.

Since the hate is individual per npc and also shared with the NPC's grouping the entire set of spheres kept coming at me nonstop. Since I did not have elite fleet shields back then I had to use the KHG shield..which had the unfortunate effect of 1s placate so every now and then a sphere would stop shooting, break off and afterburn 10km away.. then come back and start hitting a team-mate.. until A single one of my beams hit it and he was back to hating me.

Atk delta with the doff however, generates INSTANT hate on everything around you. It doesnt even have to have shot you or you shot it. It seems to be just a 10km aoe hate ability. I added it to keep those spheres from breaking off from me.

This build ceased to function with the insane increase in superspike damage torpedoes and heavy plasma cannon..not even a ship completely maxed out to tank like mine could survive a 300k torpedo hit. It literally vaporized a 100% shield 100% hull 80% resist ship in that one hit.

So I speced out of threat control and turned the voquv into a very high damage ship.

By plasma bombing the voquv generates tremendous hate on a single target but not on the entire group. Even when firing torpedo spreads nonstop plus grav well hitting all of them, I do not hold aggro on all of them..only a few. This tells me the threat control literally boosts the hate shared within the group exponentially.

Finally, look at your chart. It says 8.6% extra armor resist. That is mighty insignificant bonus compared to what you get for armor boxes in engineering. Granted if you maxed those out then yeah, an extra 8% helps..but you are also receiving so, so much more damage due to aggro it really is not worth the points spent on it.