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The Temporal Warfare set's 2-item bonus boosts chroniton projectiles. However, The Chroniton Dual Beam Array that is a part of that set is anti-proton-based, therefore, antiproton mag regulator consoles will boost its damage. The Chroniton Dual Beam Array is the only energy weapon presently in the game with a target-slowing proc, reducing speed-based defense ratings when it triggers. They crit very hard when used with Beam Overload because of their +40 crit-severity

If you've ever seen Temporal Inversion on a Mobius Destroyer, you know why so many Mobius users swear by it:

Set 3: Temporal Inversion Field

Toggle (20 max)
Affect Foe
5 kilometer Sphere
0.5 sec activate
3 min recharge
To all enemies within 5.0km:

-200% Flight Speed
(-400% Flight Speed vs. Small Craft)
-150% Turn Rate
-150% Power Recharge Speed

To self when equipped on Temporal Science Vessel or Temporal Destroyer:

+50% Flight Speed
+100% Turn Rate
+150% Power Recharge Speed

My fleet mates hate fighting my Mobius Destroyer because of the above.
:X ok, i might have to give it a whirl, once i get a handful more lobi.