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The differences hate-wise:

Theat control voquv could hit the ISE spheres+tac cube with FAW, slam RSVP+tac team and feedback pulse. All targets just focused their attacks on me. Escorts could literally park themselves in space and go bananas .. I still held hate. The trick was to keep AOE fire and feedback pulse so I kept hitting them. Threat control 9 exponentially increased the hate generation those weapons did.

Now, even when my FAW and feedback was on cooldown, they all kept hate on me.. even though the damage the beam arrays and feedback did was minimal compared to the massive blobs of damage being tossed at them by the multiple escorts doing cannon volley spread with all buffs to damage.

Since the hate is individual per npc and also shared with the NPC's grouping the entire set of spheres kept coming at me nonstop. Since I did not have elite fleet shields back then I had to use the KHG shield..which had the unfortunate effect of 1s placate so every now and then a sphere would stop shooting, break off and afterburn 10km away.. then come back and start hitting a team-mate.. until A single one of my beams hit it and he was back to hating me.
You using FAW and torpedo spread abilities is why then entire group came after you. Since you generated the most threat against a group that other folks were not targetting, the NPCs will continue to attack you. If someone were to attack a different target in the group that you aggro'ed, it would break off and attack someone else. I have seen this happen many times.

In fact, even before I respeced my characters to put some points in Threat Control, I would pull aggro from one target and not others from that group. Other times, I've kited the NPCs while others got free hits on the ship for a good amount of time. I don't use scatter/spread abilities that often and do more single target damage. Perhaps that is the difference (which is also why I question the statement that Threat generation affects the entire group).

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Atk delta with the doff however, generates INSTANT hate on everything around you. It doesnt even have to have shot you or you shot it. It seems to be just a 10km aoe hate ability. I added it to keep those spheres from breaking off from me.
This is the best trolling DOFF ever. I don't want to waste EC on the DOFF, but using it on your team mates out of spite sounds like a lot of fun.

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So I speced out of threat control and turned the voquv into a very high damage ship.

By plasma bombing the voquv generates tremendous hate on a single target but not on the entire group. Even when firing torpedo spreads nonstop plus grav well hitting all of them, I do not hold aggro on all of them..only a few. This tells me the threat control literally boosts the hate shared within the group exponentially.
Are your team mates hitting the other NPCs with spread abilities? That would seem like the likely reason why the other NPCs change their targets. In Hive, I've had a Tactical Cube I wasn't firing at come after me. Since no one else was hitting it, it continued to attack me (it initially started attacking me because I was the closest target or they killed my team mates before it got to me). Once someone else started attacking it, it immediately changed it's target.

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Finally, look at your chart. It says 8.6% extra armor resist. That is mighty insignificant bonus compared to what you get for armor boxes in engineering. Granted if you maxed those out then yeah, an extra 8% helps..but you are also receiving so, so much more damage due to aggro it really is not worth the points spent on it.
Are you referring to the link I posted (which isn't my chart, by the way)? On my B'rel, which I recently respeced, I have, I believe, 6 points in Threat Control and Hull Plating, and 4 points in Armor Reinforcements. My total resistance is about 27%+ against energy and about 25%+ against kinetic with one Neutronium Alloy mk XI blue console. Before that, it was, I believe, around 23%+ for each. With a second Neutronium Alloy, the amount is more than when I was maxed out in Hull Plating and Armor Reinforcement. The difference wasn't as great between one and two Neutronium Alloys, but the end result was still more.

FYI, for those who don't know, Neutronium Alloys have diminishing returns the more you stack. Also, the greater your passive resistance, the less effective the Neutronium Alloys become. I tested this while I was in the process of respeccing.

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