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Do you have any source you can cite? I haven't seen any info on this.

The text states, "Aggro is understood to be the condition of a particular mob attacking a particular character, while threat is the numeric value that each attacker has towards each character on its threat list. The basic behavior of aggro is controlled by the rules outlined below. Some mobs will have secondary attacks which have different targeting procedures; even for a normal creature, the target who has aggro is not necessarily the player highest on its threat list. Managing aggro is one of the most important aspects of grouping because it determines how much damage the group receives and where the damage ends up."

These are the general principles I have always viewed as occurring in both STO and CO. Shoot on member of a spawn, in moments the whole spawn activates. They will initially attack the first shooter. We will observe, however, that if others members of the shooters team then fire on different members of the same spawn, those NPCs are draw to their primary attacker. If that one member attacking one of those NPCs then uses an AoE and accidentally hits a member of a different spawn we see that one NPC from the first spawn and the whole second spawn go after them. I would say this is conclusive and holds true to the general view of aggro and threat.
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