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As the title suggests, there are numerous bugs introduced with Season 6 and 7 and a lot of bugs that exists since release.

- Fleet chat channels cannot be typed in but are still readable after character switch.
- Omega launcher stuck in auto-fire mode
- memory leaks causing client slowdown and crashes (especially with new romulus map)
- invisible death torpedos in STFs (I consider them bugs)
- Hive Onslaught elite difficulty. Slightly increased damage to current normal mode should be okay, the actual normal mode difficulty should be increased to bring it in line with older STFs)*
* yes, only examples, a few hundred more bugs can be found

Alternativly I suggest bugfix lockboxes.
- Every lockbox contains a 0.1% chance of a bugfix voucher for a certain problem. When enough vouchers have been redeemed (10000 or so) a Dev is assigned to take care of the problem.*

*warning contains trace amounts of sarcasm*