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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Some people probably aren't too fond of the AtB EWP chain crit stuff either...

...the Breen Clusters are far easier to defend against.
BS. plasma is gradual damage, transphasic is spike. you have all the time in the world to save your self, or have someone else save you from plasma. careful use of evasive and HE will get you out of any plasma cloud. APO will act like its not even there.

with all the damn spam every were, i have to set it so it targets only player ships. wish this included targetable projectiles too. anyway that makes it that much harder to avoide them. combine crap like grave pulse, grave anchor (with its knetic res debuff), back step, TB, VM, any sort of thing like that and you cant not take an entire breen torp to the face.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
Breen is no worse than any of the other one-hit methods out there. Yes its utterly stupid in PVP but I dont see how its any worse than decloaking alpha surprise buttsex or any of the other crutch techniques.

The whole game is out of control, no limits so people figure out exactly how to take stuff to ridiculous levels.

Want some balance, remove crits from PVP, for starters
its worse, because every other 1 shot tactic has to deal with shield but this. also all those other 1 shots are stupidly easy to counter if you arent asleep.

and i have been 3/4 to totally 1 shot by just the breen torp in an escort, by a fleet MVAM with presumably 5 trans consoles
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