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Author's Note - this is 1 year prior to events in Lone Drone

Litarary Challenge #2 - Taking Command


"Permission to speak freely, Captain?"

Kathryn nodded and said, "In this office, always, but I appreciate the protocol."

Karl Malango smiled softly and he forced his body to relax, his arms falling to the sides and his head lowering to look directly to his superior officer. "That's splitting hairs and you know it."

The Captain never looked away from Karl while standing slowly, her burgundy-colored hair wrapped around her neck and shoulders. At six feet tall, Kathryn used her stature to her advantage when she needed to - and this was a moment she felt warranted. Inside she chided herself on being slightly dramatic, but she needed Karl on her side. This meeting was due to the tension mounting since her arrival on board Galatea three weeks ago.

"Allow me to speak freely as well." She leaned forward and placed her hands onto the desk. Her grey eyes were now level to Karl's as he was the shorter of the two. "I have served with Anthi ever since I left the Academy. From my position that makes her the absolute best candidate to serve as my First Officer. Captain Diranti's assessment of you was not ignored, regardless what you may think, and that is why you are my Security Chief. Let me say it again: that also makes you my Ground Operations Senior Officer."

She raised a hand to silence Karl's next words and then walked around the desk to face him. "Change can be challenging, but that is a constant in the universe and on this ship it is inevitable."

A few moments passed as Kathryn waited for a rebuttal. Karl obliged with growing frustration. "I have at least five more years of direct experience on this ship and I know the crew better than ... "

Kathryn grinned as Karl stopped abruptly. She waited a few tense seconds. "Me?"

Karl looked down to his feet ashamed at his revelation. Kathryn nodded and walked past him to stop abruptly at the gold-plated model of her first ship, a Miranda-class, the Sixth Wave.

"Karl, those are strengths that are needed," she turned back to him and noticed he was facing her, "by me. Let me be very candid when I say that my trust in you is implied by virtue of your experience."

At the mention of trust, Karl seemed to stand a little straighter. "What is your trust in Anthi then?" Kathryn could not tell if his frustration increased further or if she were breaking down any barriers.

"Earned. If that's splitting hairs then call me a barber." She spread her arms out briefly to show surrender to Karl's point of view, yet a verbal trump card was available she didn't want to use.

Karl nodded and looked down in thought. Kathryn sat on the couch under the model to try to give the scene a relaxed feel to it if someone were to walk into the room. "If it means anything, I've met Philip Diranti before his passing. He was an amazing Captain and I wish I could have mentored with him. As you know, his actions in 2400 with the Klingons are mentioned at the Academy and that's not small talk. The fact you are mentioned in his closing dossier is impressive. But I hope you can appreciate that I'm not a woman of words, but of action."

She stood and walked to Karl who remained silent. "I trust you because Diranthi trusted you, but I need to trust you because I do. Do you understand my point of view?"

Again, he nodded. His silence bothered Kathryn but she couldn't force him to talk. She decided enough was said. "So, to be clear, this is not about favorites."

"I understand, Captain." He straightened up and Kathryn perceived the conversation was no longer off the record.

"Good. Thank you for your dedication and service. Galatea will be coming to Dalnus IV within the hour. I want Security Team recommendations and equipment checks completed. This is a recon-in-force. And just so you know ... I prefer pistols."
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