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03-20-2013, 12:11 PM
On ground they usually warp to the 0/0/0 point, USUALLY.... I have found at least one ground map(Barge of the Dead) where they DON'T warp to there and I'm not sure why not.... The catch is that on a lot of ground maps the 0/0/0 point is outside the map geometry. This is one way that Barge of the Dead is different. The 0/0/0 point is actually located somewhere that you could position a platform and walk to. In the Barge map they disappear under the floor.... uh, kinda like that one bug where NPCs were falling through the floor in the Gates of Grethor mission... which uses the same base map.

In space, the 0/0/0 point is the center of the map.

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