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03-20-2013, 12:49 PM
Not quite, a cruiser is the best at tanking/healing with abilities, and sci ships are the best at dirty tricks, but the easiest ship to fly end game is an escort, seriously pick any of them. Just make sure you have two tac teams, at least one emergency power to shields, at least one reverse sheild polarity, and at least one transfer shield strength (you can use it on yourself or a friend). Another science skill should probably be hazard emitters, they clear a lot of stuff, mostly plasma fires. Slap on some cannons and turrets, some cannon skills, and attack pattern omega or beta, and you have the cookie cutter escort, which can survive, or at least not die that much, verses anything in the PvE end-game.

There are ways to make cruisers and science ships acceptable at end game, or you could do a one off build that can work, and work well (I know a quantum torpedo defiant captain who can trash other escorts), but until you want ot experiment or look further in the forums, the escort I just described is going to be good enough.

All that to say, shield level doesn't really matter as long as you have at least Mk X shields.
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