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03-20-2013, 12:08 PM
It is a common method used in most games, and works mathematically. Additionally a Dev long ago did comment that it is how it works. Otherwise the stacking would be insane really. Let us use the 40% and 20% in an example.

You are attacked for 100 damage, you reduce it by 40% or you take 60% is the proper way to say it. So there is now 60 damage.

You reduce that 60 again by 20%, or you take 80% of 60. That would be 48 damage that you take.

So you reduced 100 damage, to 48 damage, for a real resistance of 52%.

You could test it by using known resistance values and shooting at someone for an hour to get a large enough data sample to rule out the standard variance in damage rolls. But just trust me I am normally right with these things.

In addition there was a hint by a Dev that the same diminishing returns applied to hull resist is applied to shield resist (when they stated the maco shield operates outside of this normal diminishing returns system) but they never confirmed it and quite frankly the data sample you would need to know one way or the other would take much more time than even I am willing to invest to find out. So that is an 'unconfirmed' in my view.