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03-20-2013, 12:15 PM
The power Emergency Power To Shields makes a bigger difference to durability than shield multiplier, because it hardens the shields and reduces the damage they take per hit, to the point that a cruiser can easily double its effective capacity, and even the simple Patrol Escort can readily boost up to half again. Carry two Emergency To Shields powers and cycle them for always-on ability, add on Tactical Team when under heavy fire (for near-instant shield redistribution), and anything in this game can tank pretty thoroughly.

At that point it just comes down to what you like to fly. Escorts aren't quite as durable (but close enough) and have their speed bonuses and ungodly firepower besides. If you don't like DHCs though (bores me; I don't want to play a starfighter game), you can grab science and still be pretty quick, have some fun tricks, and much higher base shields. The Vesta in particularly can be a heck of a hybrid ship with speed, durability, and firepower, or simply be configured into a straight-up science ship. Alternately a cruiser can have its durability maxed to the point where you eat High Yield Plasma Torpedo hits and keep on going, but then you have to get used to the turn rate.

Honestly just hit the Exchange, buy a couple of mirror ships for cheap, and try them out to figure out which you prefer. Best for durability are:

Mirror Universe Patrol Escort
Mirror Universe Star Cruiser
Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel

One of them is bound to work for you.