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03-20-2013, 12:41 PM
While I do want to add a pretty old bug to this list, I'd like to start with a preface.

I know that it can be really discouraging to lodge a civil complaint and see it go nowhere, maybe even repeatedly, but attacking and insulting the developers is not likely to make them want to help you.
I have great faith in constructive criticism, but I really think that showing civility can only help our case-- at least when compared with antagonizing the dev-team.
Okay, soapbox over, now onto the bug.

I've been flying a Varanus support vessel for quite some time now, and I've noticed that its repair platform's signature masking effect seems to do nothing. It dims lights of my ship and repair drones while we're nearby, but it doesn't seem to provide any sort of stealth for the platform or the ships nearby.
It is possible that I'm using it wrong or expecting too much of it, but if it can't hide me or my platform from a ship over 16 km away while I'm not on red alert (I tested it on Hive Onslaught recently), I've got to assume it's not working right.

... also, my game client seems unable to connect to the bug-reporting system to view existing tickets, so I have no idea if the in-game bug report I submitted made it through. Hence this post.

EDIT: I forgot to mention-- if the signal masking effect is working correctly and I'm just looking at the whole situation wrong, I'd love to hear it-- so that I know what to expect of this ability. Thanks!

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