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03-20-2013, 01:18 PM
I bought an LTS for STO back when it was a subscription-only game, and broke even (600-Day Vet) before F2P. And even since F2P started, I've been earning a monthly stipend. I also bought an LTS for CO (which includes it's own stipend), and I play that from time-to-time when I want a break from STO. Still, STO is my favorite of the two... My "main" game.

Overall I enjoy playing STO/CO. I have some complaints, and I no longer blindly purchase "everything" in order to "support" the game, as I do not fully trust I'll get my "investment's worth" out of Cryptic. Still, I do buy things from time-to-time (usually only on sale).

When Neverwinter Beta was announced, I took a look at it, and I'm like... "Meh." I even considered buying this Founder's Pack, but it's not even an LTS, despite being priced as one. Nope. NW is all F2P. There's no stipend for Founders, and after I bought all the promo/intro stuff I bought for STO, 90% of which my characters no longer use, I expect most of the fluff in that FP to be useless after a few hours play. Certainly not worth $200.

That, and I don't really have time/money for another game. Especially not one where I'll have to "pay for everything" starting at the ground floor - In STO, I'm well established, and it's easy to pick and choose what, if anything, to spend "extra" cash on. If I start NW, I wouldn't have years of previous grind and purchases to prop me up.

As for the "Free" Andorian Starter Pack. Heh. I already bought that Starter Pack-part back when it was originally released, I certainly don't need another. Likewise, I don't need another Lt-level ship, I'll throw away after minutes of play. I've already got the Connie, NX-01, and that Light Sci Ship (can't think of it's name) to choose from when starting a new toon.

See? Already established, and "twice bitten, thrice shy". So, still, no thanks.

I tried to see it from the non-STO player point of view, that you're just trying to get a new NW player to also sample STO, and maybe hook a few new players to both games. I suppose PW adding STO into the kitchen sink of offers with the FP purchase may help boost sales, but I'd feel bad for a player who tried STO only to find they would no longer use any of the free gear after a couple of hours. At least I'd've thrown in a special Andorian Account-wide BOff unlock with a special trait that might still be worthwhile when they get to end game (nothing too OP, but something on par with the Borg BO's Efficient, Romulan BO Crit Buff, or like the "Veteran" BOff, PhotoDoc, Android, etc. etc.), or some other end-game worthy item. >shrug<

P.S. I wonder too, why no CO bonus? I'd take that as a sad sign for Champs.

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