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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
While the initial aggro may be true, there is no evidence that having Threat Control or high threat generation would mean that the entire group would only go after the player that is targeting one NPC in the group, and not go after other team mates that are hitting the other NPCs that are targeting them or hitting them with AOE abilities.
Actually, as the Wiki quotes states, once aggro is attained, the threat generation race begins. As long as the one with aggro keeps doing damage and stays ahead of their team mates threat generation score they will keep aggro. This is why threat consoles and threat works. I don't see any evidence to support your claim. I do see the opposite implied in the wiki reference and in practice. It is how tanking works.

Edit: You are correct in saying someone can steal aggro by attacking one of those aggro'd NPCs, but it is done by generating more threat than the first shooter has generated. In the mean time he who shot first and generated threat is wearing milk bone underwear and its a dog eat dog world.
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