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03-20-2013, 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by valenn1 View Post
Hey, we had a "more to come..." tag for a very long time ;p
Unfortunately this materialized as instant veteran-rewards.
Well, to be fair, my LTS was a good deal (at the time) - I bought it during Beta to support the Devs and because I hoped it'd eventually pay for itself (which it did) - would I buy one now? No. Even with all the Vet Rewards and the stipend, I don't think it's worth $200.

It'd be nice if the 'generosity' wasn't only about selling NW HotN packs though - why not give Champs and STO LTS/subscribers a little incentive to check out NW?

Not that I expect that, Cryptic's motives are shamelessly transparent these days.
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