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# 1794 Khitomer Space Disaster
03-20-2013, 02:30 PM
There I was.


I don't do a lot of KSN just because they seem to take too long.

I pug in and say 'HI' as usual.

No responce.

First cube dies quick and easy.

Someone yells 'I'll take the gate.'

So I fly left and start on the gens.

Things are going fine.

I kill a couple probes that spawned from the left.

I continue killing Gens.

I see that a probe has gotten through I though maybe from the right.

I look and see they guy at the gate, Not Moving or Shooting.

Another probe gets through.

I say, 'I thought you (Name withheld) were watching the the gate.'

He says 'I Am'


He says, 'Oh, I'm supposed to stop those?'

Nuff Said.