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03-20-2013, 03:47 PM
I understand your vexation over the rules and regulations, especially the Prime Directive, but if you think about it, if we sacrifice our morals and rules, as silly as they may be, what is there to put us above our enemies? I am not of this mind, since I believe if we have a weapon we should use it, regardless of the cost, since in the end, any and all failures fall upon the warriors not the politicians, and all successes are given to the politicians not the warriors.

Who claimed victory at Starbase 24? The Admiral sitting in the rear with in his Excelsior wringing his hands and watching as my task force was decimated along with many other fine Starfleet captains and ships. And only after we'd destroyed the largest of the enemies forces did he bring up his assault squad and defeat the enemy flagship.

Who did the work there? All of us field officers in our ships, that we have spent most of our time getting to know, love, and fight and die in. But what do we get? We get an occasional medal, the occasional pat on the back, but we still get the scorn of the public eye when we need to do things that are considered... beneath us.

Take for example, Celes III. That was a heavily populated planet that was taken over by the Borg in their last incursion. My task force was given the go-ahead to use any and all force necessary to remove the Borg infestation. At first I went by the book, going for minimal collateral damage with most possible effect. And what did that yield? The Borg decided that we were a threat, and sent everything against us. We ended up being driven from the planet's surface faster than we'd imagined possible. And so I gave the order to burn the planet from orbit. 350 starships opened fire on the planet's surface, and every major city, complex and population center was destroyed in minutes. Shortly thereafter, the Borg disengaged the other half of my fleet, and transwarped out.

We scanned the planet looking for survivors, and we found a data log in what was left of the largest Starfleet shipyard. Apparently Celes III had been completely assimilated. We all know what it's like to fight the Borg. We all know they will do whatever it takes to win. And yet, after successfully removing that infestation, I was almost relieved of command for "unnecessary use of force". They told me the only reason I was allowed to remain in command was the fact that the planet was already lost, and I had been able to contain the infestation, but if I did something like that again, I would be removed.

Again, successes go to the politicians, failures go to the warriors.

That story aside, our ships are weak. We outnumbered the Borg 4 to 1 and yet they still held us, almost with impunity. And if we cannot rely on our ships, what can we do? Go out in EV suits and punch on the enemies hull? Because it seems to me that might be what is necessary. We have the means. If I had been allowed to bring more Typhoons with me, I might have not lost the 200 ships I did. If I had been allowed to use our full scope of weaponry from the start, I would have saved the lives of the 10,000 starfleet officers on those ships. But what can a simple field admiral do? Nothing.

So you are correct, we must now put down what we know, and allow others to avoid making the mistakes we have. If nothing else, it will do what those bloody bureuacrats want and save more lives.
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