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Originally Posted by sirokk View Post
That's why you would have to get Tetryon's that have an extra crit modifier to get the +20 crit-sev. Then they would be equivalent, as far as that goes.
That would only be true if you compare a tetryon weapon with [CrtD] vs. an antiproton weapon without [CrtD], ie, non-equivalent versions. If you compare apples-to-apples, like a tetryon [CrtD]x3 vs. antiproton [CrtD]x3, then tetryon still loses by -20 crit severity.

Let's not forget the tetryon proc's inferior shield drain performance when benched against the tetryon glider mechanic. Cryptic can correct this by increasing the shield quantity removed by the tetryon proc, but I have not seen any hints that this will be happening anytime soon.

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