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You know its a sad day when people can get banned for speaking their mind about the stae of things in pvp. Obviously there are shannagens going on. Fleets have been manipulating pvp since this game started. Hundreds of players would like to get involved but are stymied by these so called great pvp fleets who absolutlly help no one but themselves with their own agenda in mind.

When people ask questions on opvp they are trolled to the point of quitting all because they are new to pvp but when you start denying posts on forums this goes against all that this game is meant to be. The game has changed and old ways are not the way any more. These fleets have effectivly ruined pvp in this game while only a select few are allowed "in".

There are few exceptions and this is why forum posts are banned, fleets dont allow players in, ect... Well I have news for ya. Fleets that want in are banding together to fight this trend we are here to stay. We are growing by leaps and bounds and ARE going to change these trends.

Whoever these forum moderators are, they seem to have these so called best pvp fleets in mind and not the hundreds and hundreds who have been held out and want in. So we are not gonna knock on the door any more we are gonna kick it in. The old guard pvp fleets have been good for the game but now, with their own agendas in mind, they have destroyed opvp. You guys have been the best (well, with occasional help from exploits and perhaps some inside information), but all you want to do is be the best in a GAME [sad] at all costs, >>community be damned<<.

Well Cryptic is evolving the game, not beta anymore [lol]. So get with it open up the forums to teach and not to degrade new players. We here in America have whats callled freedom of speach (except when dealing with forums Brown Shirts) and anyone who speaks out on these issues is banned from the forums. WHY?! Unless bad language or personal attccks are involved all should be posted and left for all to read.

Over the past few months i have watched pvp spiral down the tubes we as a pvp community cant even hold a tourney. This fleet wants these rules this fleet wants that banned so someone puts out an idea for round robin tourney with whatever rules hosting fleet wants and still cannot agree. It's a pity and this cant be what cryptic had in mind for pvp.

Untill these trends are changed nothing with change and pvp will die but for a [SELECT] few that want to learn. There are fleets willing to let you in and teach you pvp. Those at the top will say ohhh those guys suck they dont know squat. Well I have news for those of you that want to learn. YES WE DO and we are not gonna stop untill we change things to where we have a REAL pvp community whose goal is to make this game and pvp great, not just for a select few and their moderating buddies who need to stop running interference for them.

This post comes from over 2 years of playing this game and watching all of this from afar. No more. I do not speak much this is my first forum post but these things need to be said and put out there for all to read and make an informed opinion, for themselves, and not be trolled. I've been pvping for over a year now and nothing but bickering and hatered between these fleets prevail. I have watched it all with sadness.

Example, a week ago i was sent a private message from a very prominent member from one of these elite pvp fleets. They wanted to see how far our fleet had come in pvp. lol I knew immediatly what was up but we agreed anyway. Well here came the rules whats not allowed bla bla bla well we did it any way and were defeated [they are awsome pvpers all the respect to them] but sadly whem the match was over the trolling began, sad. This is what the outsiders endure. Well not anymore we are here to stay we are growing and getting better inspite of you.

PvP bootcamp is a joke because what u guys are preaching you dont even do yourselves and you know it its a giant lie . Not all of you teachers do this, but the ones that do know who you are. how about this practice what you preach and don't give good hearted, interested people, bogus builds that they'll get discouraged with. HELP people interested in pvp not crush them. Preach helping all that want to learn [ALL]. This will make a giant commumity on the same page and can move forward to be the best pvp in mmos.

In closing we have serious issues when the community cant even come together for [FUN tourneys]. This must be changed or eventually pvp will die as it is almost there now. Lets work together to change this trend now before its too late. Again we are here to stay and we will not let this continue. Moderators please stop filtering opinions. I understand if some are disrespectful of others and those few should be disipinled, but for the rest of those that are pulled for no reason other than it is what a few want. You need to stop allowing what serves your purposes and not the community's.

Thanks for reading see you in the Q s
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