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03-20-2013, 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by aiden227 View Post
Wasn't this thread about a tournament what happened why is it that every thread about a tournament turns out this way. Your fleet doesn't even q anymore mai remember premades cant use the public q. Funny thing is that since you top pvp fleets have been running things pvp has failed just like some fleets. Other fleets get silenced and shut out even know there fleets are thriving. The biggest jokes of all is all you top fleets have made your names by using exploits like double shields voldy rom doffs etc. And these are the people the devs listen to funny. Here devs i cheat and im awesome listen to me so i can convince you to change the game so i can exploit some more pvp is a joke. Ill go back to pve borg don,t cry about ams and grav pulse. Im surprised pwe listens to you guys at all because if you had your way they would be broke.
Well I do have to ask a simple question....

When the heck has Cryptic listened to ANYTHING pvpers have had to say ?
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