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The red alert klaxon clattered through her skull as it cried out across every single deck of the USS Stellar Drift-H. Captain Kim Sharp attempted to predict the movements of the ship as it jolted under heavy fire by relaxing her knees, but it was of little use. Another torpedo impact, sent her flying to the deck, and a surge through the power conduit above the aft bridge stations behind her resulting in an explosion of electricity and fire.

"Sir!" She heard a voice, distantly call her name, and felt hands around her arms, pulling her back to the deck.

The Romulan, Vulcan, human hybrid turned her grey eyes to the human male that she recognized as her first officer, and the damage control teams as they rushed to the flames licking across the console behind her head. Kim could not hear him, but she knew what he was saying.

Starboard shields were down, auxiliary control was being drained, and the worst part was the Krenim were coming around for another pass.

The sensor display on the viewscreen showed the assault cruiser was coming around the starboard side to hit them where they were most vulnerable.

"Ensign,all stop and come to negative Z axis now! Roll us!"

The Mobius class starship ducked underneath the charging Krenim ship and rotated so its dorsal shields faced the incoming chroniton torpedoes.

Captain Sharp again picked herself off the deck. She wiped her forehead, but to her shock what she didn't come away with was sweat, but blood. The bridge smoldered as consoles, conduits, circuit junctions fused together as the starship struggled to keep the small complement of Starfleet Temporal Agents alive.

A communications transmission broke in over the sounds of the bridge officers as they struggled to keep the ship in one piece.

"Give up, Romulan. You're done for!" Lora shouted through the tiny Mobius bridge.

"Sir, that last pass knocked out the main computer as well as the rest of emergency power. I don't know if we will have enough juice to fire off the deflector charge. Engines are down too except for thrusters." Ensign Rayner said from Operations.

"Who would have thought a patch of bacteria floating through space would be so important?" Kim said. She looked to where she anticipated her first officer to be, but he was nowhere to be found. Panicked she looked past Rayner, Crewman Jirshon, Lieutenant Alaxa, and what was left of her bridge crew, hoping to see her trusted friend. He wasn't there.

"How much do we have left in life support?" Captain Sharp shouted.

"Enough to activate the pulse." Rayner said. "But we'd never get back home."

A proximity alarm sounded. The Krenim. No doubt swinging around to finish them off.

"Divert it all, and prepare to fire on my mark!" The Stellar Drift commanding officer shouted.

"Sir, there's another starship entering the nebula. It's--"

The Universe suddenly went white.


"Report." Vice Admiral Kim Sharp frowned as the brilliantly colored aperture at the center of the nebula slowly dissipated in front of the ship. The turbulence had lessened and she loosened her grasp on the railing separating the command center from the helm and weapons consoles.

"Very odd, Admiral. Sensors detected a sudden surge of chroniton radiation and then it was just gone like someone just turned off a light switch or something." Lieutenant Commander Lyvian Enree looked up from her science station at the human Starfleet flag officer.

"Any lifesigns? I thought you said you detected something." Captain Sevak Sharp said from her chair next to the command chair.

The Trill science officer raised her thin eyebrows and tapped her keypad, rechecking the sensor logs. "I am detecting what could possibly be a mass of silica based single celled organisms about 400,000 kilometers off the starboard bow. They look to be responsible for the shimmer to the gas clouds."

"Interesting." Kim said. "Any sign of intelligence? Attempts to communicate?"

"Not on the surface. I'm going through the usual spectrum, even right down to subspace. They don't seem to be bothered by the ship either. It's funny...for a moment before I thought I had detected something else. Like a ship, or a starbase, but nothing now."

"How very strange." Kim said, turning back to Sevak.

"Indeed. Do you want to stay here and investigate?" The Vulcan rose to standing and tugged at the hem of her dress uniform. The whole staff were wearing their whites, and if she thought about it long enough the scene of them venturing into a nebula for scientific exploration wearing dress uniforms looked rather silly.

She turned her gaze to Kim's, hoping that her expression looked imploring enough that her commanding officer would see her logic and continue investigating.

Kim thought a moment, turning her eyes to Lieutenant Miller, who sat across from Enree, and then looked at the junior officers who had both turned and looked at her with curiosity.

The thought was tempting, and it was obvious Enree and Sevak wanted to stay. So many questions already, but there was the other matter waiting for them on Starbase 122. She looked back to the viewscreen where the anomaly had been. The emerald and cerulean clouds of gas undulated around the Luna class ship like thin silken veils. That moment was a bitter tease to that explorer that laid buried underneath the cold layers of her war-torn heart. As much as she wanted to throw caution to the wind, this was not the time to be reckless. Not with so many lives at stake.

"No." She said, flashing a glance to Enree, and then to Teresita at weapons, and Falor at helm. "We can't leave the Klingons waiting any longer. Enree, launch a class one probe."

"Aye sir." Enree said. She didn't hesitate, but her voice was in disagreement with the action she was performing.

Kim smiled at the young Betazoid man at helm. "Set course for Corinth IV, Warp 6."

"Aye sir."

The probe cautiously ventured into the swirling clouds of gas as the USS Stellar Drift-A came about, and departed the nebula at impulse speed. Acting as eyes and ears for the weary, battle-hardened crew too caught up in galactic affairs of the present it scanned, analyzed, and recorded.


Captain Michrd Lora growled under his breath, the sensor alarm cutting through his patience. The older Krenim man rose violently from his chair and trudged to Varin Toriz's station. Except Varin was too busy paying attention to Ensign Lika over at con.

"What's that beeping from your station, Varin?" Captain Lora asked with irritation.

Varin jumped back over to his station, and typed.

"I thought you said there were no lifesigns in this sector." The older Krenim man rose from his chair and went to the science console.

"There aren't." Varin said, his heart pounding with fear as he worked. "I scanned the sector six times! It's a probe, but I don't know how it got here without us detecting it." Varin's eyes went wide and he looked at his superior. "You aren't going to believe this, Sir. It's Starfleet."

"Sharp..." Lora breathed angrily.

(LC Unknown Anomalies)

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