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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
All of the best, major and game changing heals take place at Lt or Ltc and higher.

Aux to SIF
TSS 2 or 3
ST 3
ET 3
Extend Shields (not a heal, but preventative).

The rest are base functionality powers that all ships get access to the same as how all ships have access to low level tactical skills.

This is because this game is trinity light, and not strict trinity.

I'm not arguing for strict trinity, I'm arguing for the roles that Cruisers & Sci ships excel at to be supported by a PvE content environment that allows them a chance to shine.

Sorry, EHP?

Already covered, several times in several posts. This game is not strict trinity, and I'm not arguing for that.

I'll ask you to at the very least attempt to see this before we can really have a meaningful conversation.

Already covered, again.

Passives have pushed their limits extremely high, I argue against these for PvP balance.

On the other hand, anyone pretending that a fully selfish Cruiser build and a fully selfish Escort build have "the same" survivability is clearly misinformed.

Feel free to take that up with Gecko, but I feel you've been extremely facetious strictly comparing an "Escort with Cannons vs. Escort with Beams" in the other thread.

Your post indicates that you think 250 degree arc weapons should ever be in the realm of a 45 degree arc weapon. They should not, and Gecko has already put his pronouncement on it. WAD.

You want to prove to me that escorts are the best tanks?

Ok, show me videos of all 4 elite STFs.

Make sure you have 6 ranks in threat control.

Use 7 beam arrays with BFAW, you're here for aggro control and not raw DPS after all.

Hold aggro for the entire team, the entire time.

Zipping around and staying alive while your friends explode is not "tanking".

There are a few superstar players I think can actually do this, but I want you to let me know if you think the average player could actually pull off the above.
Check gateway for bugoo@Kreael to see what I tank with if you want. Granted all my toons end up tanking even if I don't want them too. This weekend I'll tank the STFs in a group with you if you really want to see it. And it is not that I am highly skilled (I'm a baddie skill wise) it is that I know how this game and it's mechanics work, that is all it takes.

And that is the thing about trinity, there is no such thing as soft trinity it doesn't work. Otherwise these discussions wouldn't be taking place. You can either trust me that no matter how they design the content trinity still will not work, or you can continue to think that the content is the problem. Considering this game has been out for how many years and it still has the same exact problem it always has, that being if partaking in any form of progression you should fly an escort, I don't see them finding the solution any time soon.

Oh and EHP is Effective Hit Points. It means total health when you factor in all the built in avoidance and mitigation a character/ship has. And yes, all 3 have the same within a single % from stock.