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03-20-2013, 05:47 PM
This is interesting to consider. Had STO been introduced as F2P in 2010, would I have been drawn to such things as an Officer's Pack (or something comparable to this Hero of the North pack)? Maybe. And even it if had included goodies for Champions, I may have looked at those as a curiosity if nothing else. Not something I'd calculate to be of value. I may have eventually peeked at that game after I got my initial STO fix. But my primary choice to spend for the pack would have been based purely upon STO incentives. Not anything for other games.

Regarding the STO incentives offered within the HotN Founder's Pack, They are merely tacked on as part of a PWE Games Gift Package. Very much lost in the fine print and require a few more clicks for the curious. So I don't see those items as being as exclusive as the NW incentives in large, bold webpage boxes.

The T1 Kumari costume was the only thing that raised my eyebrow. Is that not the original Enterprise series costume that Kumari fans were hopeful to see included with the Kumari Bundle? I don't need it myself. But I would like my fellow player's who have longed for this to have the opportunity as well.

Perhaps within 3 to 6 months of NW's launch, our fans of the original Kumari costume may be able to acquire that for themselves later through STO itself? For our own communities sake I'd like to see that sooner rather than later.
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