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03-20-2013, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
I've said this ingame many times and I will reiterate it here, just for the benefit of players who are not familiar with the history of the event:

There was a sci-fi mmo I used to play that was sabotaged for no other reason then the company who owned it wanted it to die.

Shortly before it ended, they did a promotion similar to this one Cryptic is now offering.
It went something like this:

Your sci-fi MMO is closing down, but as compensation, we're offering you free access to our new fantasy mmo which is coming soon.

This was a blatant stunt to get as many players into the game at launch, to make it appear popular.

It backfired spectularly!
The majority of the playerbase who were given the offer simply declined it.

And that's the impression I'm getting here.
It's inappropriate to pitch a fantasy game at sci-fi players.
They're completely different worlds/fanbases.

Cryptic should just give it up and stop linking STO to NWO.

I think it's more of a perk for prospective NW fans to try other pwe products... I don't see anyone buying it for those side perks but your diehard DD fans. This is a chance though for them to pick up some more players from other companies and get them try some other F2P games they offer while they wait for the launch of NW.

I myself am interested in playing NW now that I was given beta access with my lifetime sto purchase. I wouldn't have thought I would like it until I played two weeks ago. I don't know if I'll spend money or not on zen for it but I'm eager to play it now that I sampled it. STO is always my first game but NW was fun to play as well. I wont buy a founders pack because it's not my thing at that price point unless it came with a stipend. If I were a DD fan though I can see this as a good offer and chance to introduce all their games with little risk to the purchaser.

p.s. No company is going to shutdown their largest product that is clearly making them money. This title also has a huge cult following as well as the new movie and another trek game coming this year. If NW is anything like the direction STO is headed, it's going to be a huge improvement.