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There I was.


I don't do a lot of KSN just because they seem to take too long.

I pug in and say 'HI' as usual.

No responce.

First cube dies quick and easy.

Someone yells 'I'll take the gate.'

So I fly left and start on the gens.

Things are going fine.

I kill a couple probes that spawned from the left.

I continue killing Gens.

I see that a probe has gotten through I though maybe from the right.

I look and see they guy at the gate, Not Moving or Shooting.

Another probe gets through.

I say, 'I thought you (Name withheld) were watching the the gate.'

He says 'I Am'


He says, 'Oh, I'm supposed to stop those?'

Nuff Said.
...he reads chat but not the obvious MISSION FAILURE CONDITION... that's just sad.
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