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It's most definitely not. Just wait until what you learn tomorrow

Also, if you read the blog, it's not just STO, but all PWE games (sans 2 due to technical difficulties, see my post above):

Cross-promotion happens all the time within publishing studios, Captains. This isn't a new concept If NW doesn't interest you, that's okay! But if it does, and you're interested in becoming a Founder, that's okay too!


Brandon =/\=
They were referencing Tabula Rasa. Richard Garriott went on a trip to space which is something that most of us want to do. When he got back, there was a message on the Tabula Rasa webpage stating that due to his experience in space, he will be going on to other things and close Tabula Rasa down in a few months. A few months later, we get a response saying that it is an underhanded Corporate trick by NCSoft and Richard Garriott never made that message. Giving access to AI ON Beta (name is being censored for some reason) and the first month of **** when it launched was supposed to be compensation for when it closed. I played **** Beta and still have the Collector's Edition activation key for it. Problem was that the forced PvP was too annoying.