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03-20-2013, 07:12 PM
I think there is some sort of conceptual error that people can't seem to wrap their heads around that not every product made for a game is made specifically for people that have been in this game from the beginning or that every single item is a "must have" item.

We've seen this before with almost every other cross-game promotion. This is a starter pack. It's a perk for Neverwinter Founders to take a look into PWE's other games. And believe it or not, there are people who may not have heard of STO or have had any real motive to check out STO, but they're real excited about Neverwinter to get their D&D whatever thing going on, excited enough about Neverwinter to shell out for the big Founder's pack (one of my ex-WoW guildmates just did this in fact*) and this helps promote STO and all of PWE's other games to them.

Not you. You're already here. You've probably played this game enough to not need or even make be able to make use of these items on any of your STO toons anyway. These are for people starting new with STO (or any of those other games), and this promotion helps bring attention to the game for those that may not have come here otherwise.

To recap: Neverwinter Founder program perks are not "incentives" for STO players to buy NW Founder packages. They are "perks" for people that buy NW Founder packages (presumably b/c they like NW) to take a look at PWE's other games too. Don't buy a Founder's package because you want the little Cracker Jack prize that goes to an entirely different game, buy a Founder's package because you like the game that it's for. The little Cracker Jack prize is just that... an extra perk. These starter items, you don't need (especially as a STO player dedicated enough to be reading/posting on forums) but they're nice little trinkets for those that might want to try it out. Don't get all mad b/c someone else is getting a little trinket that you know matters not in the long run.

*my ex-WoW friend also mentioned that he had never heard of games like Battle/War of the Immortals and being a MOBA fan, this promotion has gotten him to check it out.

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