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03-20-2013, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by paradise1killer View Post
let circle number one.

I fly exotic build I been flying trans scort for months. I know more than most people about this build.

I brought up shield because if you flown in sto long enough and you love min/max. You know a torp can 100% bypass shield if damage is high enough. Old tric use to do this all the time. Any one hit weapon can. it just take ALOT of damage. Ive notice the first 5 mine differ than the last 5 mines I think some of it has to deal with this mechanic of the game and I ve seen 100% bypass on Bop ask mini I got him in a 10 v10 last week, trust me he returned the favor =P. 100% bypass happens with trans cluster but its super rare and requires a full tac load up and alpha.90% of the time its 15-25k which is not one hit or op.

Last I defend trans cluster because I've been neutered by sci ship, almost to useless in some arena, only 10% of the time because everyone fly's escorts the rest of the time.

I have scared pre-mades into hiding in there own EWP, Trust me I know trans.
I was on the receiving end of paradise1killer's transcort a few weeks ago in an arena match with my tac Fleet MVAE. I didn't last too long in that match. He nearly 1 hit me in first pass, and killed me on the second right at the beginning. Because of that, i now make sure i have a Monotanium Alloy in my inventory...just in case.

*Shakes fist at paradise1killer for making me lose Beta Mode*