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03-20-2013, 09:12 PM
I've probably mentioned this in a couple of other places, but instead of the plasticky yuckiness that is the current Sierra 1 uniform in-game, I'd really like to see the "original" Sierra uniform from the Alpha release of STO, which was presented as the "official" Starfleet uniform around the time of the Hobus Supernova in IDW's Star Trek: Countdown prequel comic to JJ Trek:

According to fellow forumer stoleviathan99, IDW obtained the designs from Cryptic for use in the comic, and for some reason (legal or personal preference of a Cryptic game artists), the "Countdown Sierras" were removed from the Alpha prior to the official release of STO.

Interestingly, former dev Gozer actually commissioned a custom leather jacket version of the "Countdown Sierra" for himself:

All in all, these would definitely have been a nice option, though, as they seem like a more realistic evolution of the TNG Movie uniforms than any of the 2409 designs currently in-game.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots